The OPC UA Information Model

How to use OPC UA Information Modeling to Maximize the Value of Your IIoT/I4.0 Products

The concepts of an OPC UA Information Model are introduced and how they are used to define physical entities, systems and applications so they can seamlessly interoperate in an Enterprise’s Cyber Physical System.

The term “Information Model”, in the context of OPC UA, is possibly a misrepresentation of the true capability of what an OPC UA Information Model really is. It defines much-much more than just Information. It defines a comprehensive Digital Twin for a physical entity consisting of objects, data, services and how they all relate to one another.

New tools like Beeond’s EdgeXConnect, and its predecessor Beeond’s UMX Pro, allows technology vendors to define, visualize, edit and maintain their Information Models easily – And create a Digital Twin for the physical entity, without writing any XML code.

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