EdgeXConnect - The Configurable No-Code/Low-Code OPC UA Server

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Enabling IIoT at the Edge

Beeond, Inc. is a software company that provides Equipment OEMs, Technology Vendors, System Integrators and End Users with software products to quickly enable their products and systems with the OPC UA interoperability standard.  Beeond’s product, EdgeXConnectTM, is an off-the-shelf, configurable No-Code OPC UA Server that exposes edge device data to other systems. EdgeXConnect supports all the existing OPC UA Companion Specifications providing users a totally configurable, flexible, and easily maintained solution that control engineers can quickly deploy, lowering cost of deployment and ongoing maintenance for their customers.


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OPC UA – Enabling IIoT & Industrie 4.0

OPC UA provides a powerful, scalable, platform independent and secure interface that satisfies the communication requirements between devices and applications in an IIoT architecture. Industrie 4.0 has given OPC UA a stamp of approval as the only standard that meets its goals and objectives for an IIoT architecture. The OPC Foundation and the OPC UA standard has broad acceptance throughout the world boasting world leaders in technology and manufacturing.


OPC Unified Architecture - The Industrial Interoperability Standard.

BEEOND - Helping Companies Realize the Vision of IIoT Quicker and with Lower Risks.

Who can benefit from EdgeXConnect?

  • Equipment OEMs, Technology Vendors, System Integrators and End Users who:
    • Want to support OPC UA and their industry’s OPC UA Companion Specification.
    • Want to Buy (not develop) an OPC UA Server that is quickly deployed.
    • Do not have the time, resources, or budget to develop an OPC UA Server.
    • Do not have experience developing OPC UA servers.

Beeond’s OPC UA products are making adoption simple and fast. Whether you are an End User or  Technology Vendor we can help you accelerate your adoption timeline, reduce the risks and costs of deploying OPC UA enabled products and systems.

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