We Help Technology Companies Transition Their Product to the Industrial Internet of Things

5 Step to IIoT Adoption

The IIoT Revolution – Seize the Opportunity

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution is real, growing in acceptance, and providing real value to businesses that embrace it.

Accenture estimates that IIoT could add US$14.2 trillion* to the global economy by 2030.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity and be a leader in the new industrial revolution.

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*Accenture analysis in collaboration with Frontier Economics

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OPC UA – Enabling IIoT & Industrie 4.0

OPC UA provides a scalable, platform independent, robust, and secure interface that satisfies the communication requirements between devices and applications in an IIoT architecture. Industrie 4.0 has given OPC UA a stamp of approval as the only standard that meets its goals and objectives for an IIoT architecture. OPC UA has broad acceptance throughout the world with its membership boasting the world leaders in technology and manufacturing.

We help you release IIoT products faster and lower your risk and cost.

We ease your transition into the IIoT enabled world.

Beeond will Help You Transition

Beeond will help you jump over the technical hurdles and ease your transition into the IIoT enabled world. You will realize the following benefits.

  • Faster time to market – phased approach delivers value fast
  • Lower risk and cost – expert guidance and training is key to lowering risk and cost
  • Competitive IIoT Offering – OPC UA compliant products provide a competitive advantage to you and your customers

Beeond’s Five Steps to IIoT Adoption guides you through the complete development lifecycle.  As a Technology Vendor, you’ll benefit from their process, which will accelerate your timeline and reduce the risks and costs of bringing a certified OPC UA product to market.

Thomas Burke
President and Executive Director, OPC Foundation


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