EdgeXConnect – The Configurable No-Code OPC UA Server

***Available Q1-2022***

EdgeXConnectTM (EdgeX) is a configurable No-Code OPC UA Server that helps technology vendors and users quickly expose edge device data (PLC, DCS, Sensors, Equipment, Instruments, etc.) to other systems (SCADA, HMI, Historians and Analytics).

EdgeXConnect hides the complexity of OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) interoperability specification, supports existing industry information models (Companion Specifications), providing users a totally configurable, flexible and easily maintained solution that control engineers can deploy quickly, lowering cost of deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Who can use EdgeXConnect?

  • Equipment OEMs who need to support popular industry standards (OPC UA, ISA-95, Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF), MTConnect, etc.) and the dozens of OPC UA Domain Specific Information Models / Companion Specifications.
  • End Users/System Integrators who need a ready-to-deploy OPC UA Server to interface and extract information from factory floor edge devices for their analytical systems, SCADA, HMI, Historians, Data Warehouses, etc.

Who can benefit from EdgeXConnect?

  • Organizations that do not have the time, resources or budget to develop an OPC UA Server.
  • Organizations that need to deploy (not develop) an OPC UA Server quickly.
  • Organizations that are not equipped to develop, enhance, maintain or support an OPC UA Server long-term.
  • Organizations that do not have a core competence in communications software.

Value & Benefits

  • Pre-Build 100% Configurable OPC UA Server – Ready to Deploy.
  • Deployment time similar to OPC Classic.
  • Reduce time, cost and complexity of deploying OPC UA.

Key Features

  • Expose Edge Device data through configuration – no software development required.
    • Import and modify existing OPC UA Information Models, i.e. Companion Specifications, or create new ones.
    • Configure the bindings between the OPC UA Information Model and the Edge Device data points
  • Library of Plug-In Adapters for common Edge Device protocols, e.g. Modbus, or create new ones.
  • Runs on Windows or Linux (ARM, X86)

EdgeXConnect Components

  • EdgeXConnect – Studio
    • Create or import and modify existing OPC UA Information Models
    • Define Edge Devices and link the OPC UA Information to Device I/O
    • Runs on Windows or Linux
  • EdgeXConnect – Server
    • Ingest OPC UA Information Models and Edge Device Binding
    • Run on Windows or Linux (ARM, X86) RaspberryPi, Renesas, TI, …
    • Supports one or more plug-in Adapters (Modicon, OPC UA Client, MTConnect, …)
  • EdgeXConnect – Adapter
    • Support legacy Edge Device Protocols through plug-in Adapters
  • EdgeXConnect Adapter SDK
    • Used by Developers to create new plug-in Adapters


System Features & Requirements

Supported OPC UA FeaturesSystem RequirementsSupported Operating Systems
-Data Read
-Data Write
-ARM, X86
-2GB Ram
-10GB Storage
-TCP/IP Connectivity
-Linux (ARM, X86)