UMX Pro – UA Model eXcelerator Professional

Beeond’s UA Model eXcelerator Professional (UMX Pro) is a platform independent graphical design software tool that allows developers to quickly and easily create Information Models for OPC UA Servers.

UMX Pro enables developers to graphically configure an OPC UA compliant Information Model, produce, merge and manipulate UA Node Sets and launch existing Node Set Code Generators.

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Who can benefit from UMX?

  • Developers who must create an Information Model and develop an OPC UA Server.
  • Domain experts that need to define a domain model as an OPC UA Information Model.
  • Industry standards working groups and associations that are developing an OPC UA Companion specification for their industry.

Key Features

  • Structured Modeling of Address Space
  • Graphically configure, merge and or manipulate Node Sets
  • Platform Independent – Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Load one or more Node Set files to create a merged Node Set file.
  • Outputs OPC UA compliant Node Set XML File
  • Launches existing OPC UA Code Generators

Works with Existing Code Generators

  • Matrikon Flex
  • OPEN 62541
  • OPC Foundation UA.NET  (.NET)
  • Prosys OPC
  • Softing


  • Speeds Up Information Model Development from weeks to days
  • Faster and easier to use than traditional XML text editors
  • SDK Independent
  • Full adherence to OPC Specifications

Licensing & Pricing

  • Perpetual License with no Annual Maintenance
  • Future releases available to existing customers at a Discount
  • Free Trial Version with Limited Capability will be available
  • Per User Pricing: US$ 995.00
  • Discounts for multi-user orders

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