Beeond releases UMX Pro, a graphical OPC UA Information Modeling Editor

New Bern, NC USA —  10 DECEMBER 2019 – Beeond, Inc., a company focused on providing OPC Unified Architecture (UA) technology and services to help automation vendors transition their products and systems to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), today announced the release of UA Information Modeling eXcelerator Professional Editor (UMX Pro).

UMX Pro is a platform independent graphical information modeling editor that helps developers quickly and easily create information models for OPC UA Servers.  An information model defines the address space for a Server, so Servers and Clients can easily share information.

UMX Pro, available for Windows, Linux and Mac, helps developers create, merge, and configure UA compliant Information Models resulting in a UA Node Set. Additionally, UMX Pro launches 3rd party UA SDK Code Generators that saves additional development time.

“Our objective is to make it easier for vendors and users to adopt OPC UA. Defining an information model for a UA Server is one of the most powerful features for enabling information sharing between UA enabled systems to simplify integration,” notes Stan Brubaker, President, of Beeond.

“Using traditional XML text editors to create an information model is cumbersome and it’s difficult to visualize, modify and maintain the model. With UMX Pro, developers can easily review the model with their team, then quickly change it, then auto-generate UA code. This reduces model development effort from weeks to days,” notes Costantino Pipero, Founder and CTO of Beeond.

“The OPC UA standard for interoperability between systems, from sensors to the cloud, is being adopted worldwide by industrial automation vendors and user community.  Our mission is to help them adopt UA so they realize the business benefits of lower system integration cost and improved information sharing throughout their enterprises. And UMX Pro greatly simplifies UA adoption,” comments Brubaker.

About Beeond

Beeond, Inc. helps both automation vendors and users transition their products and systems to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) using the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Standard.  Their technology, consulting, training and software development services are designed to guide and support their customers through the complete technology adoption lifecycle. Their technology, experience and expertise reduce development cost and lowers project risks for their customers.  For more information, visit their website at


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