Beeond release UMX Pro v1.1 – Includes .NET OPC UA Code Generator

New Bern, NC USA — February 3, 2020 – Beeond has released v1.1 of the OPC UA Information Model eXcelerator Professional (UMX Pro) , which includes the .NET Code Generator.

UMX Pro, currently available for Windows, is a graphical OPC UA Information Model Editor that helps developers create, merge, and configure OPC UA compliant Information Models. The output is an OPC UA Node Set file that existing 3rd party OPC UA SDK Code Generators use to help build OPC UA Servers.

The .NET Code Generator capability supports the OPC Foundation’s open source .NET OPC UA SDK which is available on GitHub. The generated code speeds up and makes it easily for developers to build their OPC UA Server.

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