MTConnect Technical Webinar – Demonstration of a 100% Configurable OPC UA Server with an MTConnect Information Model

Thursday – June 24, 2021
11:00 AM – 12:00PM EST

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The MTConnect standard is a widely adopted semantic vocabulary for manufacturing equipment to provide structured, contextualized data with no proprietary format.  OPC UA is the gold standard for industrial data connectivity.  The MTConnect standard with OPC UA offers a largely adopted standard data semantic communicated through a highly secure and extensible industrial communication technology.  The high value offered by this standards combination often comes at an equally high cost.

Up until now, deploying an OPC UA Server, required the acquisition of an OPC UA Software Development Toolkit (SDK) followed by several months of software development by a skilled software developer before the Server can be deployed.  Beeond is releasing in August 2021, EdgeXConnect(TM), a 100% configurable OPC UA Server that is deployed similar to how OPC Classic Servers are deployed – Quickly and by a Control/Application Engineer.

This webinar is for OEM Equipment Vendors and Users who use the MTConnect standard and also want to OPC UA enable their automation systems –quickly and cost effectively. Cos Pipero, CTO of Beeond will demonstrate how EdgeXConnect is installed and quickly deployed, on either a Windows or Linux platform, without the need for software development. In addition to simplifying and lowering the cost of OPC UA, EdgeXConnect provides the ability to easily extend the MTConnect standard by adding OPC UA features such as writes and methods for controlling your equipment. And access to these features can be controlled via configurable security.
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About the Speaker

Costantino (Cos) Pipero, Founder & Chief Technologist, Beeond, Inc

Costantino has 25+ years of experience defining and delivering technology solutions for the manufacturing, process, and energy industries. Costantino is actively collaborating on key industry standards such as ISA95, OPC UA, and OpenSCS and has written articles and books on industry relevant topics. Costantino has extensive experience in developing OPC and OPC UA solutions from server systems to embedded devices and has been training engineers since 1997.

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