IIOT Adoption Services – End Users

Beeond, Inc. helps end users (manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, building automation, etc.) and their vendors capitalize on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by providing OPC UA consulting, training and software development services that guide and support them through the complete technology adoption lifecycle.

Our services are aligned to our 5 Step IIoT Adoption process.

1. IIoT Strategy Workshop

Our workshop will help you define your IIoT goals, strategies and priorities. It also includes an assessment of your installed technology and identification of strategic vendor and their roadmap plans. The deliverable is a plan with prioritized requirements for moving your plant(s) and vendors toward IIoT.

  • IIoT & OPC UA Goals
  • Functional Priorities
  • Technology Inventory
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Determine Priorities

2. IIoT Roadmap Workshop

Our OPC UA consultants will help you define an adoption roadmap to move you to an IIoT-enabled plant where both legacy and new IIoT automation will coexist.

  • System Architecture – “As Is” & “To Be”
  • Functional Priorities
  • Select/Define Info Model(s)
  • Migration/Co-Existence Plan
  • Identify Strategic Vendors
  • High Level Milestones
  • IIoT Budget

3. OPC UA Training

Our on-line instructor-led deployment and developer training courses will instruct your IT and engineering staff (and your vendors) on how to implement OPC UA and address infrastructure, information model and security.

  • UA Deployment, Migration & Architecture Options Training
  • UA Developer Training
  • On-going consultations with internal and vendor development teams

4. Proof-of-Concept & Pilot Projects

We will help you define detailed project specifications and requirements that may include Proof-of-Concepts and Pilot projects.

  • Define detailed project specs and requirements
  • POCs and Pilots to test and refine requirements and specs
  • Delivery Timetable
  • Project Team
  • Project Budget

5. Deployment

We will help you and your strategic vendors implement your IIoT/OPC UA plans.

  • Full Deployment Projects
  • Vendors deploy & deliver compliant OPC UA enabled systems
  • Improve & extend pilots & POCs