The Internet of Things

IIOT Adoption Services – Vendors

We follow a 5 Step IIoT Adoption Process that is structured and organized, so our customers realize value quickly and cost-effectively.  Our experience and expertise reduces time to market and lowers project risk for our customers.

Our services are aligned to our 5 Step IIoT Adoption process.

1. IIoT Assessment Workshop

Our workshop will assess your IIoT business and product goals. We will create an assessment scorecard that will map your current product capabilities against IIoT requirements such as:

  • Infrastructure support – Cloud, LAN/WAN, Mobile, Embedded
  • Security – Certificates, User Authentication, Message/Data Encryption
  • Services – User Configurable, Relationships, Discoverable instances

2. IIoT Roadmap Workshop

Our OPC UA consultants will help you develop an IIoT Adoption Roadmap that addresses:

  • Migration strategies (such as wrappers, adapters, and refactoring)
  • High level product roadmap defining a phased release strategy
  • Development requirements such as tooling, training, and domain expertise

3. OPC UA Developer Training

Our on-line instructor-led deployment and developer training courses will instruct your engineering staff on how to implement OPC UA and address infrastructure, information model and security.

  • UA Deployment, Migration & Architecture Options Training
  • UA Developer Training
  • On-going consultations with development teams

4. Development and Consulting Services

We have experienced OPC UA developers that will:

  • Develop software to implement OPC UA working with your development staff and within your development environment.
  • Guide your development staff by performing code reviews

5. Compliance Assistance

Our experts will ensure that your OPC UA implementation meets the standards requirements. We will help your developers successfully complete the OPC UA compliance tests.