Click on the link below to download the latest release of UMX Pro.  There is one download for both the Full Feature version and the Trial version.  The license key you receive via email will enable features in UMX Pro.

UMX Pro – Version 1.2.2 
Released Date: June 12, 2020

Download Link: Beeond_UMX_Pro_Setup_Ver_1.2.2

Re-Install Instruction

If  you have an older version on UMX Pro installed, you should follow the re-install instructions defined below:

  1. Copy and save (Backup) to a different directory, the generater.cfg file.  The default location for this file is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Beeond\UMXPro folder
  2. If you have downloaded and or configured any Companion Specs, you will also need to copy and save (Backup) these files. Do not make a backup of all the Companion Specs that are installed with UMX Pro, only the one that you have added.  The default location for these files are: C:\Program Files (x86)\Beeond\UMXPro\nodeset folder to a Nodeset Backup folder
  3. Copy and save (Backup) the Nodeset files that you created if they have been saved to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Beeond\UMXPro folders.  Note: you may have already saved this to another folder outside of the C:\Program Files (x86) folders in with case this step can be skipped.
  4. Important: Deactivate your license. Go to the Help>License dialog and click on Deactivate.
  5. Uninstall UMX Pro using the Windows Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs
  6. Download the new UMX Pro release
  7. Unzip the download file and install over the existing installation.  You do have the option to install to a different directory if you desire.
  8. Re-Activate your license.
  9. Copy-paste the generator.cfg file back to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Beeond\UMXPro folder
  10. Copy-paste your Companion Spec Nodeset files folder to the  C:\Program Files (x86)\Beeond\UMXPro\nodeset folder.  Note: Do not
  11. Copy-paste your Nodeset file back to the original folder if appropriate.

Release Notes:

New Feature(s)

* 769 Support for nodeset extensions. Can be enabled from the menu “Options->Support Extensions”.  When this is enabled, “Extensions XML” field is visible to any nodes.

* 776 New attributes common to all the nodes: Description and Write Mask.  New attributes specific to Variable and Property: Access Level, Default value, MinimumSamplingInterval and Historizing. |NOTE: Variable/Property default value is only supported for String, Boolean |and Numeric data types in this version. Setting a default value on other data types may
|cause unknown behavior when run in the server space as it will be converted to String, |causing a mismatch to its data type.

* 817 Code generation support for Matrikon C++ FLEX versions R410.3, R410.4 and R410.5. Added to generator.cfg a new 3rd column to show/hide(true/false) an item from the Code
generation dropdown selection.

* 865 New generator.cfg variable: $(NODESET_FILE_ALL_NODES). Accessible only when the new 4th column is set to true. This is the full path of the temporary nodeset file that contains all the nodes in the UMX tree. It includes the OPC UA types index 0 and any companion specs nodeset referenced.

* 866 Proxy support for license activation, deactivation and validation.

Fixed Issue(s)

* 777 Added missing Binary, XML and JSON Encoding to Data types.

* 792 Changing variable instance type definition should copy and overwrite all attributes from the source variable type.

* 807 Indirect sub types of a Structure are not showing their fields when opening a nodeset file.

* 809 Address space indices are not refreshed after saving a nodeset with multiple namespaces.

* 810 Method parameters lost on update.

* 811 Method I/O args variables and params are not propagated to object instance and object type when changing its Type Definition

* 832 Matrikon Generator – All necessary files(i.e nodeset) to run the binary file are copied to the build directory.

* 833 Companion specs not editable when opened directly.

Known Issues

* 860 Variable/Property default value is limited only to work accurately for Numeric, String, Boolean data types and their sub-types.

* 861 Method with no I/O parameter causing issue to the C#.NET generated code. Some object instances will not show in the address space of the server.

* 862 Alias is not supported.

* 870 Array/Value Rank not completely working in the C#.NET generated code.